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Pre-Order Updates

Please find the latest order and shipping information for our products currently listed as pre-order. 
With all products available as pre-order, we offer these as a way for you to secure the style you like and we try our hardest to provide you with an up-to-date and accurate delivery estimation. Please keep in mind there can be situations that include factors outside of our control which can impact our initial estimated delivery times.
Pre-Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving stock into our warehouse. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking details when your order is dispatched.

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Beach Umbrellas

Order Date
Orders placed between 31/10 - 1/12 21st December

Beach Chairs

Please note there are multiple drops of Beach Chairs. Refer to your order confirmation to find the estimated dispatch date below.

Order Date
Black Sands Beach Chair Between 22/10 - 27/10 16th December
From 27/10 to Present 11th January
Natural Instinct Beach Chair Between 17/10 - 6/11 16th December
From 6/11 to Present 11th January
Dunes Beach Chair Between 17/10 - 26/10 16th December
From 26/10 to Present 11th January
Bayleaf Beach Chair Between 21/10 to 10/11 16th December
From 10/11 to Present 21st December
Golden Beach Chair From 14/11 16th December
Animal Kingdom Beach Chair Between 10/11 - 15/11 11th January
Sun Ray Beach Chair Between 24/10 - 29/10 16th December
From 29/10 to Present 11th January
Tallow Beach Chair Between 19/10 - 20/11 16th December
From 20/11 to Present 21st December
Golden Sands Beach Chair Between 14/10 - 3/11 16th December
From 3/11 to Present 21st December
Salt Beach Chair Between 18/10 - 13/11 11th January
Summer Deck Beach Chair Between 11/11 - 16/11 16th December
From 16/11 to Present 21st December
Black Rock Beach Chair Between 22/10 - 4/11 16th December
Pacific Beach Chair Between 9/11 - 23/11 16th December
From 23/11 to Present 21st December
Pacific Stripe Beach Chair Between 10/10 - 15/11 11th January

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your pre-order.